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Ekstremsportveko 2023

Oppdatert: 4. jul. 2023

Ekstremsportveko is the largest extreme sport festival in the world, and is hosted every year in Voss, Western Norway.

HADO is a sport that is suitable for everyone, even extremsport athletes.

Monday 26.06

Monday, 26th of June. Finally, the day had arrived when we were going to showcase HADO sport to VOSS. Unfortunately, Monday was a cloudy day, and many of the different activities had to be put on hold. Luckily, we were ready in Voss sports hall. Several children and young people came by, played, and gradually got really excited. "This is the coolest thing I've tried," said one young boy. "I actually noticed that my heart rate increased a bit; this is a cool concept," said an adult.

And that's why i love HADO—it suits everyone.

We greatly appreciated that Rebecha, who is the Head of Activities, took the time to visit us. Along with her, she brought a large group of extreme sports athletes and bloggers. Everyone got an introduction on how the game worked and some information about the origins of HADO. It didn't take long before the participants got the hang of it and became quite active on the field.

It was a tired but happy group of HADO instructors who returned home that day. Many impressions, but most importantly, we had showcased HADO to many new and future HADO enthusiasts. We are looking forward to another day of HADO.

Tuesday 27.06

Tuesday started off a bit slowly, but it didn't take long before the first group arrived.

It's fun to see that what we're doing engages so many people and helps combine exercise and gaming in an enjoyable way. It was a bit sad to leave now that people started to realize we were here. But we're moving on to new missions.

Thank you for this year, Ekstremsportveko, we would love to come back next year!

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