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We, at HADO Norway, want to publish a magazine that provides readers with insights into the world of HADO. Only two editions are planned for 2023, but if there is a positive response, we may consider producing more. 


Within its pages, you will find a captivating blend of advertising, photos, and interviews. Some of the articles are infused with a touch of humor and an exaggerating undertone, aiming to bring a smile to our readers' faces and ignite their sense of appreciation.


Get ready to read about the excitement, passion and sheer awe of a world where the extraordinary becomes commonplace. Welcome to HADO Norway, where reality and augmented reality collide in fantastic harmony!

HADO Norway`s magazine nr.1 ( digital utg. )

kr 35,00Pris
MVA ekskludert
  • The magazine is in PDF format and has a size of 18.3 MB.


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