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Welcome to HADO Norway

HADO Sport is similar to dodgeball, but in an AR format.

AR stands for Augmented Reality, often referred to as 'utvidet virkelighet' in Norwegian.

"Step into the world of HADO Norway and experience sports like never before!"


The game can be played with 1-6 players, where 3 people form 1 team.

The players need to be in motion, and the shots are only visible through the goggles they use. 

HADO is suitable for everyone above 8 years old.

HADO is also an international sport, and in November 2022, Norway participated in the HADO European Championship in France.


HADO Norway also offers other services like teambuilding, HADO-themed birthdays, lectures, as well as activity booths at events and expos.


Click the button below and learn more about the fantastic sport of HADO.

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